I was born in Lima, Peru  and study graphic design at Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, I started at Icono Comunicadores design studio as a designer and illustrator. In 2017, I traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina to explored different art disciplines at Espacio Virgen that rediscovered me with illustration and also with the course of Roldán Chair at University of Buenos Aires, which opened up my possibilities of communicating, expressing and experimenting through drawing.
Among the books I have published are: SOPA (Mónimo Editorial, 2021), 200 years later. School children ask, historians answer (Bicentennial Library of Peru, 2020), Los Mochicas return (Editorial Polisemia) and with Editorial Panamericana during 2018 and 2019, the last being Animalario of Peru, from the A to Z in verses by a poet who was included in the Cerlalc-Ibby Catalog of children's books for sustainable development. At the beginning of 2021 I launched my first course at Domestika.
Illustrator selected for the visual identity of the 60 anniversary of the Bologna Children's Book Fair 2023
Winner of the XXIV Picture Book Contest in Mexico "A la orilla del viento" 2022 
Illustrator Exhibition at the Bologna Children's Book Fair 2022
"The Children-Spectators" at the Bologna Children's Book Fair 2021
Illustrator Exhibition at the International Book Fair Peru 2019
Project Selected for the Nami Island International Album Book Illustration Contest in South Korea 2019
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